About Us

Set in the achingly beautiful rural heartland of Nara prefecture, the Masugen Ryokan at Tenkawa Mura is a real jewel in Japan’s glittering array of authentic inn culture.

With a meticulous attention to detail, this lavishly equipped haven of cultural traditions, will render new meaning to the words Japanese hospitality.

With its breathtaking views, sublime cuisine and natural hot springs facilities, the Masugen is the gold standard in Japanese Ryokan holidaymaking.

No matter what the size of your group, quality tatami room accommodation is standing by; and with its delightful compliment of friendly, the overseas guest’s total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Whether on a carefully planned bus tour that brings you right to the door, or as independent travelers on our station pick-up service, the welcome is equally warm.

So, why not just sit back and immerse yourself in quality and authentic Japanese style at The Masugen Ryokan at Tenkawa Mura.

Rooms & Bath

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Number of rooms15 Japanese-style rooms
Check-in time15:00 ~ 19:00
Check-out time10:00


【From Osaka】

- Kintetsu Railways

Osaka-Abenobashi Station ⇒ Shimoichi-Guchi Station (1 hour)

- Car

Minami-hanna road, Katsuragi IC ⇒ Takada bypass ⇒ National highway 169 ⇒ National highway 309 (1 hour 20 minutes)

【From Kyoto】

- Kintetsu Railways

Kyoto Station ⇒ Kashiharajingumae (transfer) ⇒ Shimoichiguchi Station (1 hour 25 minutes)

- Car

Keinawa Expressway ⇒ National highway 24 ⇒ National highway 169 ⇒ National highway 309 (2 hours)

【From Nagoya】

- Kintetsu Railways

Kintetsu-Nagoya Station ⇒ Yamato-Yagi Station (transfer) ⇒ Kashiharajingumae (transfer) ⇒ Shimoichiguchi Station (2 hours 40 minutes)

- Car

Meihan Expressway, Hari IC ⇒ National highway 370 ⇒ National highway 169 ⇒ National highway 309 (2 hours)